How to Assign Multiple Course Licenses

  1. Download the registration spreadsheet »
  2. Fill in all visible columns (please do not reveal "hidden" columns). Note: When filling in the State column, please use the two-letter, all-caps abbreviation (ex. Maryland should be MD). For the Address column, you may use your organization’s main office address rather than personal addresses of each registrant.
  3. Once the list is completed, email list to Julian Lamphear at and add the words "[NAME OF COURSE] Registration for [YOUR ORGANIZATION]" to the subject line of the email.
  4. Allow three to four business days for processing. When access is granted, your staff members will receive an email with next steps. They will then be able to access their classes by visiting and logging on with their email and the password of 123, then navigating to their Dashboard (they will be instructed to reset their password upon login). NOTE: ICMA members and participants who already have accounts on the ICMA website should use their existing login information to access the course.