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Self-Paced Online Course

Ethics 101

Ethics 101

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With Ethics 101, you can strengthen your jurisdiction’s ethical culture by making sure that your staff has a proper grounding in your organization’s values and can deal with ethics issues that arise on the job. Ethical conduct by all employees is essential for an organization to succeed and prosper.

Audience: Employees below department head level


This self-paced online program contains four modules that can be accessed online from work or home. Upon completion of a final assessment; certificates of completion will be generated for participants with an assessment score of 70 percent or greater. Participants may retake the final assessment until a passing grade is achieved.

Upon completion your staff will:

  • Review ethical decision making and how it applies to every employee
  • Recognize the importance of following ethics policies at all times
  • Discover how to examine their actions and decisions carefully and to look for ethical issues
  • Recognize why it is critical to consult with their supervisor whenever they think they may have an ethical problem

Common areas of concern addressed in this course include:

  • Gifts and special treatment
  • Benefiting personally from city/county government contracts or transactions
  • Resumes and the importance of telling the whole truth
  • Travel expenses and accurate, honest reporting
  • Privacy, personal information
  • Visiting inappropriate websites
  • Proper use of social media

About Licenses

Purchase a single license to view in one office or conference room by yourself or in a group. Only one log-in and completion certificate will be issued.

Purchase multiple licenses to grant individual access and personalized certificates to your staff members. Only the purchaser needs to be an ICMA member to receive the member rate. Nonmembers can request invoices on behalf of members in their community to receive the member rate; please send requests via email to Staff registration lists must be submitted within six months of purchase.

Instructions for Registering Groups

  1. Download the registration spreadsheet »

  2. Fill in all visible columns (please do not reveal the "hidden" columns).

    NOTE: When filling in the State column, please use the two-letter, all-caps abbreviation (ex. Maryland should be MD). For the Address column, you may use your organization’s main office address rather than personal addresses of each registrant.

  3. Once the list is completed, email list to Julian Lamphear at and add the words "Ethics 101 Registration for [your organization]" to the subject line of the email. All staff members must be submitted within six months of purchase; unused licenses will expire after this period.


TOPICS: Ethics

JOB TITLES: Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), Department Head, Mid-Management and Entry-Level Staff, and Student and Intern

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