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Economic Development through Sports Tourism

Economic Development through Sports Tourism

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The youth travel sports industry is often referred to as “recession-proof” due to its stability during the Great Recession. It’s now being hailed as “pandemic proof” by CVBs as creative facility operators were able to create solutions for guest safety, cleaning protocols, and more to meet the market demand for youth sports tourism over the last two years. This $19.2B sports tourism industry is far from done growing and many communities are looking to see how they can create a youth sports destination in their community. In this session, we will discuss how youth sports is a powerful economic development and community placemaking tool with real-world examples.

Join CEO and Co-Founder of the Sports Facilities Companies (SFC), Jason Clement and Partner Eric Sullivan as they provide a look into the world of youth sports. They will discuss:

  • Real-world case studies of youth sports developments
  • Modernizing parks and recreation – intersection of tourism and local use
  • Development process overview and industry trends
  • Building a project team for success

PRACTICE AREAS: [12] Financial Management and Budgeting

TOPICS: Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, and Budgeting & Finance

JOB TITLES: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), and Department Head

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