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Passing the Torch: Developing a Succession Plan for Your Jurisdiction

Passing the Torch: Developing a Succession Plan for Your Jurisdiction

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One of the most serious challenges facing the public sector is the imminent retirement of a generation - according to a recent survey from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, 52% of governments report that the largest anticipated number of potential retirements will take place over the next few years. With decades of expertise and institutional knowledge on the line, it's more important than ever that local governments have succession plans in place to maintain a strong and effective staff.

 In this webinar, you'll join managers from three different jurisdictions as they discuss how their organizations are preparing for the "silver tsunami." They will cover:

  • The necessary components of an effective succession plan
  • How to identify staff members suitable for mentorship and future advancement
  • The competencies required for key positions
  • How succession planning can foster organizational commitment

PRACTICE AREAS: [4] Staff Effectiveness, [6] Strategic Leadership, and [13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

TOPICS: Succession Planning / Talent Management

JOB TITLES: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), and Department Head

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