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ICMA Coaching Program Presents: What to do When Everything is Falling Apart - How to Reset

ICMA Coaching Program Presents: What to do When Everything is Falling Apart - How to Reset

November 16, 2023 | 1:30PM - 3:00PM Eastern


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When everything is falling apart in an organization, resetting the organizational culture becomes a critical task for city and county managers. But who does a manager talk to gain advice and mentorship in these situations? There is a reason that we use the expression “It’s lonely at the top.” But have faith! There are several tools that city managers can use, both personally and for their employees. Learn about coaching, mentorship, and professional development tools that are available to managers and their teams as well as tips on communication strategies, team-building exercises, and training programs to help rebuild the organization.

PRACTICE AREAS: [1] Personal and Professional Integrity and [5] Personal Resiliency and Development

TOPICS: Council-Manager Relations, Employee Engagement, Effective Communication, and Organizational Development

JOB TITLES: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), and Department Head

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