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Modernizing Budgeting: A Transformational Shift to Priority-Based Budgeting (Fall 2024)

Modernizing Budgeting: A Transformational Shift to Priority-Based Budgeting (Fall 2024)

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Local governments have been clinging to the same incremental budgeting approaches for decades. In fact, the practice of line-item budgeting recently passed the 100-year mark. This type of budgeting creates a use-it-or-lose-it mentality and promotes across-the-board budget cuts that don’t consider factors other than a percentage, making it difficult to connect funding with strategic goals or performance metrics.

The primary purpose of priority-based budgeting is to dissociate decision-making from account numbers and line items, instead basing funding allocations on the programs and services that meet specific needs.

Unlike traditional models, priority-based budgeting evaluates each program in various areas to determine its current alignment to the community’s priorities—and provides a price tag for that program to demonstrate how funds are being used to support those priorities.


November 7, 2024

  • Module One: Building Greater Alignment with Priority-Based Budgeting Data
  • Module Two: Communication, Accountability, and Accessibility

November 14, 2024

  • Module Three: Resource Reallocation and Maximization
  • Module Four: Fueling Resources Towards the Results of the Future

November 21, 2024

  • Module Five: Leveraging All of Your Community’s Resources
  • Module Six: Let Data Lead the Way



PRACTICE AREAS: [7] Strategic Planning and [12] Financial Management and Budgeting

TOPICS: Budgeting & Finance and Strategic Planning

JOB TITLES: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), and Department Head

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