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Self-Paced Online Course

Fundamentals of Local Government

Fundamentals of Local Government

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This program is designed to highlight the foundational principles of local government professionals. It is grounded in the ICMA 14 Professional Practices for Effective Local Government Leadership and Management and structured to provide you with the time-tested principles and real-world practical applications to thrive as a leader in local government. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a Fundamentals of Local Government Certificate.  


This program consists of ten self-paced online courses designed for English-speaking audiences. You can complete these courses in any order, at any time, and from anywhere. On average, each course takes 2-3 hours to complete. Resources and activities are provided to enhance your learning experience. 


The program is best suited for new local government professionals and those interested in pursuing career opportunities in local government. 


  • Municipal Budgeting: Explore the essential elements of municipal budgeting and how they are informed by and connected to the strategic plan. 
  • Performance Budgeting: Use performance measures to make budget decisions and encourage increased work efforts. 
  • Working With Elected Officials: Analyze how your local government clarifies roles to prevent conflict and identify soft skills that will strengthen your relationships with elected officials. 
  • Communicating With Elected Officials, Staff, and the Media: Delve into the fundamentals of communication, both internally with your council and staff, and externally with the public and media. 
  • Ethics in Local Government: Explore ethics, how it differs from laws and policies, and the pivotal role it plays in guiding behaviors and decision making in local government settings. Examine ethical issues and how they relate to your organization. 
  • Establishing Ethical Values and Policies: Analyze factors you should consider when making an ethical decision. Review eight strategies for building an ethical culture and reflect on how to apply them in real-life situations. 
  • Performance Management Basics: Evaluate program data and measure the success of a new program or initiative. Explore ways to communicate performance data that will engage the public.  
  • Managing Performance Data: Review the basics of managing the data you work with when conducting performance management on programs and services. 
  • Outstanding Local Government Customer Service: Analyze your organization and its customer service. Identify barriers to service and ways to remove them. 
  • Emergency Management: Explore the phases of the disaster management cycle and the critical role of leadership to help communities prepare for emergencies. 


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PRACTICE AREAS: [1] Personal and Professional Integrity, [2] Community Engagement, [5] Personal Resiliency and Development, [9] Community and Resident Service, [12] Financial Management and Budgeting, [13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement, and [14] Communication and Information Sharing

TOPICS: Budgeting - Municipal, Council-Manager Relations, Customer Service, Effective Communication, Ethics, Performance Management, Next Generation of Managers, and Public Safety / Emergency Management

JOB TITLES: Mid-Management and Entry-Level Staff, Student and Intern, and Department Head

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